About Us

Alwaa is one of the leading companies in the field of general cleaning, furniture transfer and pest control. It is one of the largest and most reliable companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, which enjoys a wide range of services. To provide their services in an orderly manner, which earned them

We at Alwa Company work as an integrated and specialized team that meets to be a system possessing expertise, efficiency and professional work tools in the field of general cleanliness

Our Services

Comprehensive cleaning services:

Cleaning houses, cleaning mansions, cleaning villas, cleaning apartments, cleaning boards, cleaning moquette, cleaning swimming pools, cleaning glass facades, cleaning stone facades.

Let us allocate the appropriate program for your needs and enable us to provide you with services (daily, weekly, monthly).

Our services are integrated and high quality, ,,, If you want to be a distinctive and noted by your visitors and customers contact us and find all the services you need.

We train our staff on the assets of the profession and how to use the equipment and materials and we work hard and diligent to ensure you service is upscale. Now we are one of the largest cleaning and maintenance companies in Saudi Arabia. We have achieved strategic partnerships with our customers based on precision, quality work, on-time delivery, and advanced service delivery. In a short period of time and through the experience we have gained in meeting customer needs, we have been able to develop and develop at a steady pace to occupy an advanced position in this field.

  • Excellence in providing the best services to our customers
  • Expansion and expansion in the Kingdom
  • Working on training and developing technicians and attracting distinguished expertise from them.
  • No need to be puzzled by our multiple ways and many solutions and you have one test.

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